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Managing humanity’s assets of knowledge, information and data has rapidly become one of the major uses of computing technology. The KIDMM initiative was born out a shared interest in this phenomenon by a number of Specialist Groups of the British Computer Society.

What is KIDMM?

Origins:  Essentially, KIDMM is a discussion community around issues of knowledge, information, data and metadata management. The background to KIDMM can be traced in the meetings and projects of several BCS Specialist Groups, and discussions at the Specialist Groups Assembly. This led to spontaneous grass-roots collaboration through an email discussion list, and a founding workshop... (For more background, see here).

Email listBCS-KIDMM is the KIDMM community’s email discussion list, hosted by JISCmail. At present, 80 people are signed up to it. See who’s on it...

KIDMM has participation and collaboration not only from several BCS Specialist Groups and Forums, but also from information professionals outwith the BCS. KIDMM has no formal status, but an ad-hoc ‘KIDMM project’ was set up in 2007 to run the first MetaKnowledge Mash-up event (see below) and produce an exhibition and related materials. The Chair of this was Ian Herbert and the acting project officer/coordinator was Conrad Taylor.

During 2008/9, there is a project to convert this Web site to a dynamic one that will host online forums, a social network and other collaboration tools.

MetaKnowledge Mash-up 2.0 logo

‘Making & organising knowledge in communities’

This was a conference and discussion workshop being organised jointly with ISKO-UK on 9th October 2008. The focus: how better to organise the processes through which knowledge emerges within functional communities, including in business, government, research and learning environments. In particular, we looked at how online tools and environments can facilitate knowledge creation and the better organisation of knowledge and information.

Heading: Metadata Mashup 2007

17 September 2007:  This Central London one-day event attracted over ninety participants, about 40% from inside the BCS, and very encouragingly a large number from a range of government departments, businesses, universities, libraries and museums etc. The aim was to identify and describe notable issues in the management of date and information worthy of study and action, and to sketch the plans for an ongoing knowledge community to carry forward the KIDMM project.

See here for further details of the MetaKnowledge Mash-up and to download a full report of the event plus audio recordings and presentations.

2006 events

Workshop, 6 March 2006: a one-day workshop hosted by BCS-EPSG, attended by twenty participants from Specialist Groups, BCS officers, and individuals from XML UK and other interested organisations. This round-table discussion, with some expert input, was held to find a shared understanding, and to explore interest in a shared programme of further debate, study and activities. A comprehensive account of the March 2006 workshop is available as a PDF document.

Panel discussion on classification: Approaches to classification in publishing and knowledge management — a panel discussion held on 20 June 2006, led by Leonard Will, John Lindsay and Nic Holt. Full audio recordings of the presentations and discussions as MP3 files, together with slides etc., can be downloaded from here.


Conrad Taylor, KIDMM project officer